Blog Closure – thank you and goodbye for now

I’ve thought very hard about the future of this blog. For the last week or two I set it to private while I considered my options. In summary, I have decided to cease posting on this website for now.

Here’s why:

  • The initial posts I built this blog around represent a time in my life that is painful and I would rather forget about for the moment. The therapist I wrote about turned out to be abusive.
  • The subject matter of the blog, in particular the psychotherapy, have taken a different and more positive direction with a new therapist.
  • The name of the blog no longer represents where I see myself in terms of a diagnosis of BPD. I have immense respect for the BPD community but feel I don’t have a meaningful contribution at the moment. My traits have lessened significantly and I’d like to write about new things.
  • I shared my blog address with people that I no longer wish to have access to it. Changing the name won’t fix this and it will always be in the back of my mind when writing.

    I’ve made some wonderful ‘blog friends’ who I will reconnect with at some stage when I set up my shiny new website – which will be purely recovery focused.

    Thank you to the almost 500 followers who have read, commented, supported – and shared their worlds in return. You’re awesome.

    ~ The Border Between ~ 

    8 Comments Add yours

    1. Oh this is so sad for me and “us” but I understand your reasons and think it is really good that you are listening to and respecting your personal boundaries. Thank you for everything!! Take care. TT x

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      1. I have really valued them too. X


    2. I’m sorry to see you go, but I can understand, good luck in the future.


    3. plf1990 says:

      Really sorry to see you go but I of course support you in doing what is right for you x


    4. Understood completely. I am also here ‘under the radar’ so to say. Privacy is important, and there’s always a paper journal waiting for you to continue documenting your self in absolute privacy. Best wishes!


    5. Lu says:

      Completely understandable. I’m glad for the new you 🙂


    6. manyofus1980 says:

      wishing you every success for the future, would love to follow your new site when its up and running. x take care.


    7. Babz says:

      so understandable and best of luck in the futurer! x

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